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2017-2018 Staff

Anjru de Leon


My name is Anjru J. de Leon and I am currently a Senior at Lathrop High School. I am involved in many extracurricular school activities and hold leadership roles in nearly all that I do. I am the President and Founder of Lathrop's...

Isabella Campos Rankin

Staff Writer

Hi! I am freshman at LHS. I love taking sports pictures and formal pictures. I love baseball. I also love sunsets and sunrises. I also have a passion for hair and makeup.

JR Stevenson

Staff Writer

I am JR Stevenson. I am a Freshman at Lathrop High School. I enjoy baseball, basketball, and football. Other things I enjoy include games and competition when it comes to sports. I am a 3.13 gpa student. I am from Sacramento....

Alondra Guzman

Staff Writer

I am a freshman at Lathrop High School. I like the school rallies and I like to watch volleyball games. My favorite subject is PE My favorite part of Journalism is covering school sports and taking pictures.

Ruby Rasul

Staff Writer

I love writing, its actually something I am really good at. I am a freshman here at Lathrop High and I like to cover entertainment.

Frank Inigo

Staff Writer

I am a Freshman at LHS and am a writer for the entertainment section on the news website. I love playing baseball and competitive video games.

Emma Grisham

Staff Writer

I love anything with art, especially photography. I am willing to do anything that I can. I also love nature and capturing it's beauty. I write things dealing with school and local events that are happening....

Cienna Dueñez

Staff Writer

I am Cienna Duenez. I go to Lathrop High School. I play softball and have many awards in athletics. I have fun with my friends, hangout, and eat. I also love playing sports. It's my passion.

Indio Alvarado

Staff Writer

I love sports photography. I write for the sports teams. I am a junior at Lathrop High School and I am a thrower on the track team. During my free time I like playing the guitar and spending time with family and friends.

Andrea Raudales

Staff Writer

I am a freshman, I like taking photography. I love being in charge of school events and doing interviews.

Preet Kaur

Staff Writer

I am a freshman at LHS and I like to write about sports and taking pictures.